Timber Shutter Repairs Gold Coast

Timber Shutters have long been the most desired choice of window furnishing for Australian home owners.

Like all things in the Australian climate, they will inevitably take a battering from the sun. Most commonly the “Clear Lacquer” or “Natural Finishes” fade and look grey and lifeless.

We are finding an increasing number of people who have purchased a house that they love, but they have inherited these “Tired and Faded” old timber shutters.

The problem is you want to freshen up the home to make it your own, and the idea of replacing the shutters is frightfully expensive.

A Huge mistake people make, is to select a new colour scheme around some tired old dark timber shutters for no better reason than they are too expensive to replace.

So what are your options?

  1. Replace the Shutters
  2. Repaint the Shutters
  3. Learn to love them how they are

Q. Can all old shutters be repainted?

A. Not always, unfortunately there are several factors that need to be considered.

  • What is currently coating your shutters?
  • Are your shutters now peeling on the backs of them?

Q. Can someone come and inspect the shutters to advise if they can be repainted?

A. Yes, simply contact us HERE and we will have one of our team contact you?