Shutters vs Blinds

After almost 20 years in the window furnishing industry we have heard just about everything.

And from this experience, we found that one of the biggest and most common frustrations our clients seem to face is Product Confusion.

Ironically, with the both the internet and more and more companies fighting for market position, it seems to be getting more confusing than ever before.

It is easy suffer information overload, and that can get very stressful.


Let’s offer some transparency and give you clarity.

For starters all products out there are perfect for a specific purpose, (otherwise they wouldn’t exist).

We decided that perhaps a cheat sheet with Pros & Cons offering obligation free information, would be a huge help in removing confusion and sales hype.

So if you wanted to know things like:

Shutters vs Blinds

Aluminium Shutters vs Awnings

Are Curtains a good option?



Then download and print your own copy of our Pros & Cons report.