CONFUSED?........"Want to know what THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR YOU is?"


So you've spoken with different sales people, and you are more confused now than when you started!

We hear this daily. So we though it might be helpfull to offer some impartial advice. Pros and Cons cheat sheet

When designing a room to become uniquely your own, consideration needs to be placed on how you currently live.

What things are important to you? Privacy, Intimacy, Wow factor, Cozy, even Openness.

Alfresco living:-

Creating Outdoor rooms that reflect the inside of the house is most definitely the new frontier of Australian living. The days of the tin roof out the back is dying a death, and people are thinking of Dining, lounging, connecting with the pool, & where can the kids play safely.

People often think of Awnings, but are they right for you? Will they add value to your home, can they survive storms and high winds?

Having a professional consultation, will help you unlock what is truly right for your room, and most importantly “Right for You!” There are so many options these days, from the good old vertical blind all the way to Motorized Curtains, and Timber Shutters. After 20 years in the industry, we thought that we should share our knowledge in the hope that you become better informed about what window treatment is right for your situation. So we have complied a comprehensive “Pros and Cons” of all manner of products for you to serve and nothing more than information to hopefully remove confusion.